Litigation Smart OCR

Discovering the meaning of content found in electronic documents has become a key function in the business world and it's often solved by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) products that use a generic approach to problems. QCAT PolyReader is the first to provide a specific solution to OCR in the legal domain. PolyReader offers the most flexible, affordable and scalable niche solution available. Also, look out for PolyReaders soon to be released integration with the QCAT Isolator and Koder.


Other products


Document delimiting

The QCAT Isolator is designed to organise loose pages of unstructured digitally imaged files into well-structured document catalogues, including parent-child hierarchies. The Isolator brings enormous value to the legal document determination process and records management challenges.


Objective coding

The QCAT Koder is an intuitive data-entry system designed to turbo-charge users in the task of objectively and subjectively capturing content from the face of a document or image. The QCAT Koder can empower organisations to reason about their data in all-new ways and is particularly effective in the areas of litigation support, archiving and records management.