QCAT Solution

Our cutting-edge software solutions are at the forefront of objective coding and logical document determination processes available around the world. By removing the mouse almost entirely and providing an array of intuitive keyboard shortcuts, QCAT enables greater accuracy and efficiency.



Business Issue

ASIC are routinely required to objectively code large volumes of digitized images and prepare this data for investigators to review in a document management system. ASIC recently sought to upgrade from their Legacy system to improve efficiencies and find a product that came well supported. QCAT provided the perfect solution.

QCAT Solution

QCAT Isolator and Koder together combine to form the most efficient, accurate and scalable objective coding or logical document determination system on the market.The legal process requires a two-phase approach: document delimiting document coding QCAT Isolator is a perfect fit for document delimiting and provides a fluent, streamlined process that all but eradicates mouse usage.

QCAT Koder likewise formed a perfect solution for data entry or document coding. Like the Isolator, the Koder focuses on streamlining user efficiencies and increasing accuracy.QCAT integrates seamlessly with ASIC's chosen document management solution, so again a perfect fit.

Other clients

Law Image

Law Image is an ancillary legal services bureau that provides document processing services to the legal fraternity nationally and offers services in Litigation Support, EDiscovery, Imaging, Printing.


NuLegal formed in 2010 as a litigation support bureau providing services in eDiscovery and Litigations support.