Litigation Smart PDF and Imaging Tools

Ever need to split your PDF document pages from a © Ringtail load file out to single page PDF's or images? QCAT PageMaker will scan your load file and render single page images or PDF's for each document. Formats support include B & W TIFF, color TIFF, greyscale JPG and colour JPG and PDF's. PageMaker both reads and produces © Ringtail load files and includes a 'Pages' table entry for each rendered image.


Other products


Document delimiting

The QCAT Isolator is designed to organise loose pages of unstructured digitally imaged files into well-structured document catalogues, including parent-child hierarchies. The Isolator brings enormous value to the legal document determination process and records management challenges.


Objective coding

The QCAT Koder is an intuitive data-entry system designed to turbo-charge users in the task of objectively and subjectively capturing content from the face of a document or image. The QCAT Koder can empower organisations to reason about their data in all-new ways and is particularly effective in the areas of litigation support, archiving and records management.