Company History

QCAT was incorporated in 2010 and was formed with the express intent to build software products that change the way we prepare, review and reason about data in the Litigation Support, Regulatory Compliance, eDiscovery and Records Management industries. Our aim is to produce new paradigms that achieve outstanding consistency, unparallelled throughput, demonstrably superior quality and, most importantly, undeniable cost savings to our clients.

Director Profiles

Simon Segal

Simon Segal is a technologist with 14 years' experience as software developer and architect, Chief Technical Officer and now acts in the role of Director of Product Engineering with QCAT. Simon has spent the last eight years developing expertise in solving enterprise problems in Litigation Support, eDiscovery, Mergers and Acquisition and Document Management.

About Us

Mark Harris

Mark Harris is a software development expert who specialises in Litigation Support, eDiscovery, M&A, Image Workflow and Document Management. Mark is Director of Product Design for QCAT and focuses on dreaming up 'outside the square' software designs.

About Us