Community Tool-kit Announcement

Have you ever struck the need to search the internet for a software tool so simple it literally did one thing, only to find yourself thwarted and frustrated by discovering a handful of options, each offering more than what you were after and coming with costs you certainly were not looking for.

As a vendor we build commercial software to solve commercial problems yet from time to time, smaller discrete functionality that exists within our workflow software, rears up its head and screams out "release me just as I am!". Often we find that these discrete units of functionality have earned a place outside their usage within the workflow tools, however finding similar tooling isn't easily achieved on-line and vendors seem to take a dim view to splitting out aspects of their existing products. It's our view that a client's ability to source discrete functionality like that described here, should be made readily available and from time to time for no extra cost. If the functionality is discrete and simple enough and can form part of a wider or ancillary tool-chain, we believe vendors should be lowering the barriers of entry to attain it.

With all of that in mind, we have taken the opportunity to make available a "Community Tool-Kit" (CTK). The tool-kit consists of micro applications that provide singular functionality included in some of our premium workflow products; our aim is to benefit the legal technology community in the ways described here. Furthermore we plan to grow the QCAT CTK significantly over time and are very happy to announce our first three offerings here.

QCAT to release PageMaker in August 2015 as part of its Litigation Toolbox.

See here for more information.